Vagyoga Chetanapitham
To propagate and teach mainly two technique

1. Para (Kundalini)
2. Apara (Mnemonic Sanskrit):Gurudeva Vagish Shastri established an Institute named "Vagyoga Chetanapitham", means the seat for consciousness of Vagyoga. The aim of this Institute is to purify consciousness of mankind to become a super human being. Ancient sciences are composed in Sanskrit Language in two ways.

A. Spritual (Sukshma), Vedas, Upanishads (Vedant), Tantra, Buddhism, Jainism and Yoga.
B. Materialistic Sciences such as Ayurveda, Physical (Hath) Yoga, Music, Sculpture, Astrology, Astronomy, etc.
Gurudeva Vagish Shastri teaching at France Gurudeva Vagish Shastri teaching at Switzerland
About Gurudeva Vagish Shastri
The function of Vagyoga Chetanapitham motivates in following ways :

1. The teaching of Vagyoga : Kundalini Tantra.
2. The teaching of Vagyoga : Mnemonic Sanskrit
3. Organization of Camps of aforesaid both technique at different places in India and Abroad.
4. Organization of Cultural Programs such as Ganga Kavya Sangitika, Guru Kavya Sangitika, Shiv Kavya Sangitika etc.
5. Initiation (Diksha) of disciples in Vedic and Tantric way.
6. Publication of Tantric, Yogic and Vedic literature etc. and sales depot.
7. To establish an Ashrama to function teaching of Sanskrit in traditional way and Vagyoga Mnemonics in a new way

Gurudeva teaching at Vagyoga Chetanapitham Gurudeva Vagish Shastri teaching at Germany