Exp. Of Meditators
Giedre Castro Cardso Ilin, A Film Star, Alamedo. Barros, 142, Apto 74, Sao Paulo, BRAZIL. Says : I perceived energy moving in my body and found celestial vibration through Guruji's individual transmitting power . Through Mantra power I enjoyed superconscious bliss & peace.
Rosalind Kerr, B14, 500 Approx, BRITAIN, Says : Really it was wonderful experience in practice of Vagyoga Kundalini Meditation. I felt a sensation in my body and heard celestial vibration. I had profound meditation & found a pyramid of peace over my crown.
Irmagard Haipt, Hospital Service, Zenetti Str. 28, 89415, Lauingen, GERMANY, Says : I had been hopless from my life when I met revered Guruji. I took 90 days course. At the end I was initiated. I had peace in my life by grace of Acharyaji.
Jorge Dauksis, A Yoga Teacher, ARZ Fabian YFUERO, 25-33, 46009 Valencia, SPAIN, Says : Through some special postures and technique of breathings a mystical energy came from below of my body & expanded outward from my head. The left side of my head began to feel like it was glowing the green light. I felt very powerful & calm.
Mali Hofeesh, A film Star, Vilkin 10, Rishon, Vezion, ISRAEL, Says : Some special physical postures helped me in dancing process. Vagyoga Kundalini Meditation filled my life with nector of peace. Guruji's teaching technique uplifts the spiritual level of every disciple.
Experiences of Vagyoga Mnemonic Sanskrit Students
Elizabeth Guzman, 154 South 3rd Street # 18 Brooklyn, N.Y., 11211 USA, Says : I had a good chance that I have been a disciple of respectful Guruji Dr. Vagish Shastri in Vagyoga Mnemonic Sanskrit technique. I would not have been able to understand anything in Sanskrit class of New York University, If had not the preparation which Guruji gave me. The teaching of Sanskrit in the University is not as thorough or as detailed as Guruji's teaching.
Nicole Gibourdel, 17 Rue Crevier 76000 Rouen, FRANCE, Says : Dr. Shastri's Sanskrit teaching method based on Vagyoga Mnemonic is unique to learn Sanskrit in short.
Maria Emanuela Flavel, 52 Ninth Ave. Maylands 6057 Western AUSTRALIA, Says : I had chances to attend the unique Vagyoga Sanskrit Mnemonic Technique invented by Guruji Acharya Dr. Vagish Shastri. I enjoyed much his derivation of thousand of words from anyone of the famous verbal roots. So I attended it twice in Varanasi.
Jean Baptiste Leblay, A Musician and Artist, 18, bis Degre, S. Nicolas, 41000 Blois, FRANCE, Says : I have been student of Guruji Acharya Dr. Vagish Shastri in wonderful Vagyoga Kundal meditation, Vagyoga Mnemonic Sanskrit & musical chanting of Upanishadic Mantra's and Bhagawadgita Verses. I come every year twice to Varanasi to attend advance courses in aforesaid fields.
Jean Michel Peterfalvi, Retired teacher, 11, Rue Cujas 75005, Paris, FRANCE, Says : I read Vagyoga Sanskrit Mnemonic course from Guruji Acharya Vagish Shastri. I got success to achieve my goal.