Gurudeva H.H. Shri Vagish Shastri:
An abode of spiritual energy and knowledge

Shri Vagish Shastri (born in 1934) empowers his disciples (sadhakas) by awakening their divine Kundalini energy. The process begins by first opening a disciple’s karna chakram or the gate of the ear. This is the gate through which the disciple invites different deities to reside in his body. This process is called Devahoo. The divine Kundalini energy thus appears through the karna chakram and expands outwards. This form of transmitting the Kundalini energy is called Shaktipaata.

Although Shri Vagish Shastri had acquired the spiritual potency to transmit and awaken the Kundalini energy for many years, he refrained from transmitting it as per the order of his Gurudeva who told him in 1956, “You should not transmit this energy for the first 25 years otherwise you would lose it.” In 2003 at the Clarks Tower Hotel Varanasi Shri Shastri Shri Shastri transmitted his energy to 340 Spanish, German and French speaking people from 30 countries during a program organized by a Spanish Yoga and Meditation Organization.

An extraordinary event in 1980 is worth mentioning. This event took place when Shri Vagish Shastri was in Baal Aashram, Dariya ganj, Delhi. There was an old digambara Jain Muni named Dharma Sagara Maharaja who resided there. One morning he had suddenly become unconscious and the Ashrama devotees where anxious about his well-being. They knew about the Shaktipaat power of Shri Shastri. So they requested him to cure the Jain Muni. Shri Shastri ordered his wife Srimati Sanskrit Bharati to transmit the energy to the unconscious Jain Muni however the Ashrama devotees would not allow a woman to enter in the room of a digambara Muni in darkness. As Shri Shastri entered the room and put his feet on the mat on which the digambara was lying, the old Muni suddenly woke up and sat on the mat. This was the power of Shri Shastriji’s energy.

Shri Shastri provides technique to awaken the energy in the mooladhara chakra of his disciples which is then channelized to the upper chakras. Through the Vagyoga Theory Shri Shastri connects with the Manipur energy. Through ‘Vaishvaanara Vahni’ in the ear of his disciples they develop divine ears, ‘divyam shrotram’ (Patanjali Yoga Sutra 3.41). Through the chanting of Mantras the disciple can channelize the Kundalini energy to the third eye, bindu and from the bindu to the crown, sahasraara chakram. Through this the disciples experience the union of kula and akula energies, oneness. The latent energy opens up in their brain giving an experience of peace, blissfulness and enlightenment and thus empowering them to create infinite new thoughts.

Achievements of Gurudeva:
With the grace of the many spiritual masters of Ayodhya and Himalayas whom Gurudeva studied under, immense abilities awakened in him. This made him well-versed in Paraa and Aparaa Vidyaas. Such as:

  • He perceived Shabda Brahma by Tapas (austerity) and Samaadhi.
  • He received Ph.D. and D.Litt. degrees in the sound of divine language in 1964 and 1969.
  • He became an expert in Paninian grammar and Linguistics, writing original treatises and refuting the claims of W.D. Whitney in 1965, 1967, and writing an exposition on the semantic study of verbs in 1980.
  • He became expert in the ancient history and wrote a book on the dark age of Bundel Khand (1965) where he refuted the claim of A. Cunningham (1965, second ed. 2011), and has also written a ground-breaking work “Migration of Aryans from India” (2011).
  • He was appointed as a Professor and Director, Research Institute, Sampurnanand Sanskrit University, Varanasi, the great seat of knowledge (1970-1996).
  • He edited 300 valuable manuscripts of Veda, Vedanta, Yoga-Tantra, Purana, Jyotisha, Ayurveda, Pali, Prakrit, Nyaya, Vyakarana (grammar), other indological subjects and descriptive catalogue of manuscripts. He taught old Sanskrit texts and was an editor of the research journal for 27 years in the university.
  • He published a book on the methodology of Research and started Post Graduate course of editing and research in the university.
  • He invented a new technique to awaken knowledge and to teach Sanskrit in a short and scientific way named “Sanskrit through Natural Law and Mnemonics”. The aim is to help the curious become experts in the divine language Sanskrit within six months. Many scholars have been appointed as professors in India and abroad who learned through this unique technique. Bhagavadgita says: knowledge is the only means to absolve all sins (Bhagavad Gita4.36). There is no salvation without knowledge. “Rite jnaanan na munih”. Magicians can’t enlighten others.
  • He is a master in musical chanting of Mantras, Hymns etc. and playing the flute and harmonium.
  • His many original and poetic books have been published since 1958.
  • He composed an original book on Vagyoga Theory, “Shri Vagyoga Tantram” (Kundalini Tantram) in 16 hundred Sanskrit verses and other books in Hindi and English languages.
  • In 1980 he started cultural activities through the Institute “Vagyoga Chetana Peetham” which was established by him.
  • He has delivered more than five thousand lectures on oriental topics in India and abroad.
  • He initiated and transmitted his spiritual energy to thousands of disciples.
  • He invented the Vagyoga theory.

Shri Shastri is a unique living example of the spiritual energetic source of the unified field in the body of a human being. All curious devotees can charge their latent energy with the key of H.H.Gurudeva Shri Vagish Shastri and try to find knowledge of salvation. Having obtained this knowledge a person promptly attains supreme peace (Bhagavad Gita, 4.39)