Disciples in Vagyoga:Kundalini Meditation


The Meditators find energy moving clock-wise in circle with Vibration of Mantra at the middle of the first Chakram in one vertical line upto the Sahasrara Chakram. Watching the movement of this energy in the circle & listening the Mantra -vibration connected to this moving energy gradually at every Chakram, is the process of primary attempt to meditate the serpent power : Kundalini.

Through this technique the meditators enter inside of third eye meditation :light & colours merging Tamas into Tajas, Tajas into Sattva & then meditating elements gross to subtle they purify their consciousness through moving energy of Kundalini along with the Mantra-vibration.

As the meditators cross the first two qualities they enter to the mental body. Now they look at with their mental eyes & listen with mental ears cut off the external senses. Normally the mind is enjoying the external objects with external senses. The mind is the real sense, which appears outside through the physical holes. Then power of mind scatters in objects, the mind loses its concentration and becomes unable to unite with the internal place of eternal energy, pure consciousness, bliss and peace.

In this Vagyoga Kundalini Meditation the mind without being scattered outside has ability to unite the place of eternal pure power free from it's tensions, deseases & waves. Meditators have unchangeable neactar of peace. Vagyoga Kundalini Meditation is a powerful technique for peaceful life. It enlightens hidden powers of the meditators. It is proved that VKM is a key to get success in the mnemonic Sanskrit learning by enlightening of consciousness.