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(A serpent noose for cultivators)
One act Radio Play in Sanskrit
Publisher : Chowkhamba Vidya Bhavan, Chowk, Varanasi (1958)
Rs. 10.00, $0.50

In this one act radio play Dr. Vagish Shastri described the bad situation of cultivators who were under control of zamindars before 1953 .these zamindares were doing atrocity on farmers .Mahatma Gandhi and Vallabh Bhai Patel made peasants free from the serpent noose of zamindars.

The dramatist did not convert the villagers name in Sanskrit .He perceived atrocity of zamindars on peasant by himself .so he used the real name of the zamindar in his drama.

SAMVIT-PRAKASA (Vaisnava -Tantra )
(by Vamana Datta of Kashmir) (10 th century )
Publisher : Sampurnand Sanskrit University Varanasi,1993 
Price Rs.

The book of Vaisnava Tantra is edited with the help of many manuscripts found in darbar library of Nepal .This book remained unpublished for one thousands of years .The author had been a teacher of Abhinavaguptapadacharya .

Dr. Vagish Shastri edited this book and published first time .

(seven stories of Tolstoy)
Publisher: Chowkhamaba Vidya Bhavan Chowk Varanasi(1970)
Rs. 25.00
In Sanskrit

Gypsis entered into the European countries from India first of the Christ era. Those were migrated from the Rajasthan, Punjab,and Sindh provinces. Some of them migrated from Afghanistan .Now they speak the language ,near to the Hindi language. In Germany they are called Zigeuner ,In Russian Zigari and Zigani,In Persian and Turkish  Zegniand chigni. All words come from the one origin Zinkali (Indian black man).

They entered to the European countries from Egypt .Therefore they were called Egyptians ,gypsies .They entered to the France from bohemia .Therefore they were called there bohemians .But really they do not use these words for themselves .They call themselves Rom (man) and Romni (woman).

The author describes the history of them. The Gipsy languages and its grammar. 

He gives a glossary with Sanskrit etymology at the end of the book .he compares a few Gipsy words with some Indian languages.

(A new sprout of original stories)
Publisher: Chowkhamba Vidya Bhavan, Chowk, Varanasi (1959)
Rs. 15.00

This book of stories was composed developing Sanskrit language for beginners. there were composed original 13 stories without making sandhis (euphonic combinations). This pattern of composition of this book is like panchatantra. But language this book is not out of date ,The reader as begins to read the story. He does not leave it unit finished.


Publisher : Sanskrit University, Varanasi

Purans are encyclopedia of Indian culture .There are described many subjects .Such as the creation and destruction of the cosmos, Dynasty of kings ,Race of Rsis ,The whole range of the ages ,mountains , rivers,rituals,historical, Geographical and Astronomical Mathematics ,Grammatical rules ,Worship of different gods ,yoga ,Vedanata, Tantra ,Arts , Austerity, Fasting , Place of pilgrims , Yajnas ,:sacrifice , manifastination of Vedic elements and stories of duties and demons .

Dr. Vagish Shastri composed and edited this valuable volume in alphabetical order with meanings.


Good collection of Sanskrit storats : Hymens from Rigveda to classical literature and old Hindi. Ganga Stotras of Valmiki , Sankaracharya ,Panditaraja Jagannathan and Tulsidas .

Dr. Vagish Shastri edited with Hindi Translation word to word.


This is a book of full of Sanskrit stotras : hymens from Yajurveda to classical Sanskrit .Shiva Tandav stortra composed by Ravana and strotra of Sankaracharaya .

Dr.Vagish shastri edited and translated in Hindi word to word.

This book is written for the researchers in oriental learning's .Here is described the methodology of the research Technique .How to collect the material systematically ;How to arrange this material in the chapters and how to write the thesis etc. topics are described here in the book .At the end the author suggest how to invite new ideas .The book is very helpful in writing of thesis.
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